I began to learn the piano at the age of three, and the violin at the age of five, and was educated at Kunitachi College of Music Attached Junior High School, Kunitachi College of Music Attached Senior High School, and Kunitachi College of Music, where I specialized in violin studies. As you can imagine, I'm pretty familiar with Kunitachi now!

I began teaching the violin when I was still a college student, and currently have about thirty students.

As well as teaching, I perform at various venues in and around Tokyo: lunch time concerts in office buildings, Christmas concerts in department stores, evening parties at foreign embassies, and wedding ceremonies in wedding ceremony halls! I often play with my mother, who is a piano teacher.

I have also made recordings for TV commercials and in-house company promotional videos. Please see my separate website.

Of course I love classical music and the classical side of my performance life, but what I really enjoy more than anything else is getting up on stage with Edward's Operation, and letting rip with my electric violin!

Major musical influences include Polysics, P-Model, Monobright, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Prokofiev.

Other than music, I enjoy cooking, collecting antique tea cups, growing our own vegetables, and trawling the internet for nude pictures of Tim Roth. Just kidding.